PPE by JLP – COVID-19 Response Project

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Junior League of Portland has mobilized to launch PPE by JLP. This project will focus specifically on recruiting volunteers within our community (members and non-members) to produce NON-OFFICIAL personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of face masks. Please note that homemade masks are not considered official “PPE” for use in medical situations. Completed face masks will be distributed to Department of Human Services workers and healthcare professionals in need of cloth masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our present goal is to source and create 300+ masks for essential care workers, who continue to face risk of exposure while working to end the cycle of violence against women and children in Portland.

PPE by JLP is informed by our deep history of community organizing during difficult times and responding to support vulnerable populations and organizations in need. Through this initiative we strive to fulfill the need that is presented to us, and will continue to evaluate other organizations that we can help.


You can help support PPE by JLP in a variety of ways – even if you are new to sewing or don’t have a machine!

Ready to get involved? Great! Here’s how:

First, please fill out this form which will help us with logistics.


Medical Masks:
Fabric Filter Masks:
No-Sew Masks: 
For those of you who have access to a 3D printer and/or a Roomba 700 series HEPA filter,
please contact Natalie Ballas at info@jlpdx.org.


Unable to sew but still want to support the project?

You may make a donation of your chosen amount at any time by clicking HERE and choosing COVID Response from the drop-down menu. Funds will be used to provide mask-making supplies and support partner organizations in their COVID-19 recovery efforts.

We also need pick-up and delivery support! Please review the PPE by JLP: Volunteer Q&A_April 2020 and click here to submit your preference to deliver kits and pick up completed masks.


JLP is proud to partner with and serve our community in this time of great need. The League extends its wishes for the health and safety of all citizens during these challenging times. It is by caring for others, and working together toward the greater good that we will emerge stronger than before.

If you have questions or suggestions for organizations that should be added to our possible recipient list, please contact us at covidresponse@jlpdx.org.