JLP at the Capital for HB 3040

The JLP lobbied to help to get the hearsay exception for victims of sex trafficking, HB 3040, moving forward. We put out a call to action to members and community members to call or email the below list of representatives to make a difference. These Judiciary Committee members were tasked with deciding if Oregon will blaze a trail to protect survivors from the additional trauma of having to testify and help law enforcement use Facebook posts, text messages, and Instagram posts (for example) to bring traffickers to justice!

Committee Chair, Rep. Jeff Barker – Rep.JeffBarker@state.or.us 503-986-1428
Vice-Chair, Rep. Jennifer Williamson – Rep.JenniferWilliamson@state.or.us 503-986-1436
Rep. Brent Barton – Rep.BrentBarton@state.or.us 503-986-1440
Rep. Mitch Greenlick – Rep.MitchGreenlick@state.or.us 503-986-1433
Rep. Wayne Krieger – Rep.WayneKrieger@state.or.us 503-986-1401
Rep. Andy Olson – Rep.AndyOlson@state.or.us 503-986-1415
Rep. Sherrie Sprenger – Rep.SherrieSprenger@state.or.us 503-986-1417
Rep. Ann Lininger – rep.annlininger@state.or.us 503-986-1438
Rep. Bill Post – rep.billpost@state.or.us 503-986-1425