Essentials Drive 2023

Since 2012, the Junior League of Portland, OR, has sponsored an annual Delicates Drive to support survivors of human trafficking. Over the summer, the Stop Human Trafficking Committee met with our community partners to learn how their needs have changed during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Through these conversations, we learned that the needs of the community go beyond undergarments. As our League endeavors to further our commitment to equity, racial justice, and inclusivity, we are proud to announce the next evolution of our Delicates Drive as the Essentials Drive.  In addition to undergarments, we will now collect toiletries and have expanded our definition of undergarments.

The Junior League of Portland encourages you to join us in supporting survivors of human trafficking through our Essentials Drive. Over the course of the year, we are working towards a goal of collecting at least 10,000 new toiletries and undergarments of any kind (bras, underwear, boxers, camisoles, tank tops, socks), any size, and for any gender.

The Essentials Drive focuses on undergarments because individuals fleeing trafficking environments are often asked to surrender these items as evidence. Once safe they may not have the resources to purchase new ones or additional essentials, like toiletries. The Junior League of Portland will distribute donations to a selection of partner organizations which provide immediate and long-term care, such as Rose Haven, New Avenues for Youth, A Village for One, and Rahab’s Sisters.

In response to the changing environment and challenges of COVID-19 we are making digital donations as easy as we can. For your convenience, wish lists with suggested garments or items for purchase are available through the following links and are shipped directly to the Junior League:



Our preference is in-kind donations via our wishlists, however money can be donated directly to our General Fund and earmarked for the “Essentials Drive” in the “Comments” section on the second page of the donation transaction. 

For any additional questions or inquiries please reach out to