3/9/15 – Oregon House Bill 3040

Oregon House Bill 3040  – Admissibility of hearsay in testimony related to human trafficking cases

This legislative session, the Oregon House of Representatives will consider bill 3040 which seeks to protect victims of human trafficking from a major gap in the criminal justice system’s ability to prosecute such cases.

In any other illegal trade, the evidence, cannot be bullied, harassed, threatened, or manipulated.  In human trafficking, the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, unlike guns or drugs, you can sell the same “product” again and again.  The victims, the women and children trapped in modern-day slavery, carry the additional burden of being the evidence in their own cases.

The trauma of sexual abuse and exploitation combined with the tactics of coercion and manipulation used by traffickers can weaken the testimony of survivors.  In an already inhuman situation the victim is often penalized for not being a more perfect witness.

I urge you to familiarize yourself with the bill and learn more to determine how you might encourage your representative to vote.

You can read the full bill here and look up your representative’s contact information here to let them know what you think.

Feel free to contact us or search our website to learn more about the issue of human trafficking and how you can help stop it.

~Cat Parkay, President of JLP